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God's counsel provides light for your path.

Are you ready to walk out of the darkness that comes from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health concerns?  Schedule an appointment today.


From Healing to Wholeness

For every part of your being: Spirit, Soul, and Body.  

Our Story

We use a Holistic

Approach to Therapy

   At Chayil Christian Counseling Services, we use a holistic approach to therapy that encompasses the whole-person concept involving your spirit, soul, and body.  Collaboratively, the client and counselor constructs an individualized treatment plan from various assessments.  The individualized treatment plan will serve as your roadmap to recovery, healing, and wholeness.

Chayil Christian Counseling Services was a dream that started while I was active duty in the United States Air Force.  Upon retirement in 2012, the dream gained momentum and finally materialized after working in the behavioral health industry for over seven years.  In March of 2020 and just before the Covid-19 Pandemic spread to the United States, I started CCCS, LLC.  Due to the Pandemic, CCCS remains exclusively a TeleHealth video service but will become a complete wellness center in the near future.  


It is very rewarding to offer my clients in private practice, what many feel they didn’t receive in the public sector such as: a thorough assessment complete with attainable goals & objectives for their mental health journey, unhurried and regular individual sessions, integrated treatment for both the mental illness AND the drug or alcohol addiction, a holistic approach involving the whole-person concept: spirit, soul, and body, family involvement, affordable prices, and flexible hours. 


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Successful therapy starts with establishing a good alliance with your counselor.

A culturally competent counselor who provides a safe haven for confidential expression and who is caring & compassionate is what you deserve. Schedule an appointment for your initial assessment.



Mrs. Sarah has helped me so much in these last 6 months. Together, we have recognized areas of my life that are out of order & need to be places in its proper order. Any time that I don’t understand my mental health and my purpose she is there to provide Godly counsel as a way to elicit His words. Often times I feel alone but I always look forward to my appointment with Mrs. Sarah because that bi weekly meeting make me feel as if I have someone to listen to how I feel .

Sarah has been a blessing to the Striving for Perfection ministry and congregants! The mental health services she offered on 2 separate occasions, with the latest being sessions on Understanding Grief, was very well received. Those that attended spoke only praises for her presentation and delivery. We will not hesitate to call Chayil Christian Counseling again when we need services in this area. I highly recommend Sarah’s services!

... Mrs. James' coaching techniques has helped me grow spiritually and mentally to help overcome alcohol addiction with interpersonal skills and fundamental knowledge to refocus the way I view alcohol. I was quite timid and even discouraged to consult professional therapy/life coaching, but through biblical doctrine and practical techniques such as meditation has helped me face the dark realities of emotional distress and psychological triggers that were taking me down a path of destruction....

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